My Super Bowl Ad Picks

Without my home team, the New England Patriots, I could really focus on the super bowl commercials more this year as was not nervous about the game and its ending.

My top 7 Super Bowl Ad Picks:

7. Audi ad in memory of Starman, David Bowie. Cool.

6. Avocado ad and reference to the dress phenomenon.  Clever.

5. Skittles and Steven Tyler – funny.

4. Budweiser and its messaging of not being imported, not a fruit cup.

3. NFL and 9 months after a city wins the Super Bowl. Funny.

2. Budweiser and #giveadamn.  Powerful.

Top pick: Doritos and Ultrasound ad. Hilarious. Top ad of the game.

Always entertaining. What was your favorite?


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