The Marketing Power of Signs

Good signs create brand awareness. Many business owners can improve their marketing efforts simply by investing in quality signage.
Two examples to share with you today:

Example #1: A missed opportunity

Creative use of an ambulance!  No signage.

Creative use of an ambulance! No signage.

Points for creativity are earned by this roofer who uses an ambulance for transporting roofing materials and ladders. Unfortunately the creativity stopped there and the obvious opportunity to have some fun with branding and signage fell through the cracks. After doing good work, there was no request to put a sign in our yard to promote his roofing services in our neighborhood where all homes were built around the same time and are likely in need a new roof, too. A missed opportunity to leave business cards for us to share. The owner clearly did not know he was doing the roof of a marketer! I did not even know his company’s name when someone asked me for a reference. Missed opportunity. A sign would have created at least one lead if not more. What is that worth to the owner?

Example #2: Signs lead to Connections and Charity Involvement
Contrast the above example of a missed opportunity with the power of effective signs. I am on the board for Merrimack Valley Habitat for Humanity and we are in the midst of planning for the June Home Builder’s Blitz when two homes will be built in 6 days! In a recent meeting, it was brought up that we needed a few more building companies to commit to the cause. I immediately thought of local builders’ that I knew of and suggested that the lead builder reach out to Steeplechase Builders as I had seen their signs in many places. Fast forward, Steeplechase Builders was thrilled to be contacted as they were looking for charity to get involved in and this was a perfect fit. This week I met the two principals of Steeplechase Builders and shared with them the story of how their signs led to their being part of this great effort. These business owners are smart: they regularly invest in their signs and leverage their existing customers to be a solid referral source. It is likely their involvement in Merrimack Valley Habitat for Humanity will increase the visibility of Steeplechase Builders and it is my hope that this leads to continued growth for these business owners who are committed to giving back. See what a sign can do!


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