Consistency of a brand – Hooters and the San Diego Mayor

This week, Hooters announced the San Diego Mayor is not welcome in their local restaurants. This announcement was covered on CNN, Reuters and highlighted in my favorite satellite radio station, the Highway. I chuckled when I heard the news. I applaud establishments including the “Hooters Girls”, as they were referred to in the press, for taking a stand against a sleazy mayor who has presented lame excuses for his inexcusable behavior towards women.

Why did I find the Hooters’ news funny? The signs in the windows at the San Diego Hooters’ restaurants state the mayor will “not be served in this establishment; We believe women should be treated with respect”. Ok, great. But wait a minute Hooters – while you believe women should be treated with respect, have you thought about the core component of your brand and value proposition to your customers? Does this seem even slightly inconsistent with your overall brand positioning? The Hooters brand is not helping the cause of women being regarded highly for anything other than their physical attributes. The irony of the news made me laugh. Any one else get a chuckle over this news?


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