Moments of Truth

We’ve all heard the power of turning a negative into a positive.  How a company can solidify a customer for life by turning a negative experience into a positive one.  The numbers are impressive and we all get it.  So no big deal, right?  Wrong.  Do you KNOW the moments of truth in your business?  Moments of truth are one of my favorite marketing elements, because they are so powerful, yet widely overlooked and misunderstood.  Moments of truth are from the client’s perspective; they are the points of building a positive impression or risking an unhappy client for life.  Have you taken the time (made the time) to define your moments of truth in your business?  Have you asked your clients what is working well and what could be better?  If not, stop tweeting, blogging and texting and doing the ‘cool’ e-marketing stuff and get back to basics in the New Year:  map your sales cycle from proposal through delivery of product and service.  Define the moments of truth and then validate.   Yes, talk to your clients and confirm what is most important in working with you.  Don’t assume you know what interactions most affect your value to your client.  It may be your invoices, your annoying voice mail system or your lack of follow through, but know what matters to your clients; document them and define specific and meaningful ways that you can consistently differentiate your business during each moment of truth to build a strong and loyal customer base and your best referral source.  Moments of truth are powerful.  Know them for your business.  A builder doing work at my home reminded me of how important they are as he handled a moment of truth beautifully and has secured my business for life.  Powerful stuff – not the cool, hip stuff, but basic stuff works.  Try it.


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